imagination is the key to stanislavkis system as it is essential to turn what is occurring on stage into theatrical reality, if the play is not turned into theatrical reality it is not realistic and not acting. if one does not use their imagination when acting then the audience will feel none of the suspension of disbelief as it is the ability to imagine which allows you to connect to your character and start to believe you are them and if you believe your acting will appear to be realistic and naturalistic. Stanislavski shows the importance of imagination in the quote “art is a product of imagination”. For me i found my imagination helped my performance in regards to the cherry orchard as due to the era i had to imagine i had a corset on this changing my posture and making it fit that of the era this giving my performance realism and naturalism whilst making it believable. i consider imagination the most important of stanislavski methods and also the hardest to learn as i find teaching someone to imagine to be almost impossible. 


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