Emotion memory

emotion memory is a technique where the actor uses a emotion they once felt and applies it to how the character is feeling on the assumption it is applicable for example if the character has just been left out by someone the actor would think back to where they in their life felt left out this allowing them to connect to the character and the emotion the character is feeling. however emotion memory although effective needs to be controlled or an actor could loose themselves in their own emotions when they are supposed to be feeling the characters this taking away the actual acting and it becomes self indulgence for the actor as acting is essentially lying. I found emotion memory to be effective when playing Anya in the cherry orchard as the section I was doing was about Anya feeling sorry for her mother, the pity essence being something I have felt before so I could use this when playing the character this making my performance more believable. In comparison to the other stanislavski techniques i am talking about i would consider this technique 3rd useful out of all the others.

12 thoughts on “Emotion memory

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      • Guys, I wrote this years ago for my college work. I shall amend it for the grammar police when I have time. Some people have found it useful which is great but as stated, it was not intended for anyone other then my college tutors. If it is not useful for you then move on 😂.

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